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Hi ~~   
Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog! 

                                     Name: Kasui
                                     Blood type: A (-)
                                     Location: Spain
                                     Occupation: Media Student


  • Frogs
  • Cats
  • Insects
  • Zombies
  • Godzilla
  • WiFi
  • Arcade games
  • Summer and sunny days
  • Blankets and foggy days
  • Glasses
  • Backpacks
  • I don't see TV, I rarely read book or see series, but I like poetry and illustration books


  • Worms
  • Red color
  • Meat
  • Darkness
  • Big dogs
  • Pickles
  • Sauces as mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup

  • Countries: Japan and Finland
  • Color: black, cobalt blue
  • Serie: Evangelion
  • Comic: Oyasumi Punpun, Lucky Star
  • Movie: Monster Inc.
  • Character; Batman, Stitch
  • Videogame: Dr. Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Bioshocks
  • Foods: Mushrooms, green salads, fish, homemade pizza, chicken onigiri
  • Fruit: apples!
  • Sweets:  mint ice cream, black sweet licorice and meronpan
  • Drinks: ichigo ore, green tea, black coffee
  • Music: Every kind of speed and happy music: Hardcore, Jcore, happycore, speedcore, gabber, techno, 8bit... As Goreshit, DJ Sharpnel, DJ Technorch, DJ Shimamura, Nightcore, Redalice, Kanji Kinetic, Tano*C, .. But also Enter Shikari!, Architects, Horse the Band, A day to Remember, Evol Intent, ... :3
  • Brands: TutuHa/Glavil, Glad News, Iron Fist, Ghost of Harlem...
  • Models: Serikamachaaaan!! 
  • Magazines: Egg (death ;__; )



  1. hwy don't you like meat?

  2. and why do you like meat? xd

  3. just wondering why you didn't like it. I never said that i did like it.

  4. They're my tastes and I can't change them.
    But in other way, I consider eating fish is more "ethical" than eating meat. Yeah, it's quite stupid, I know it.

    and do you like meat? xd

  5. Me encanta tu blog. Eres taaan kawaiii jejeje :)

  6. i can eat meat. but i don't like meat,too.

  7. Kasui, tengo que decirte que me encanta tu blog, lo descubrí de pura casualidad hará un par de semanas y es que asdgydfgdvahka <3 Eres tan mona '-'

    1. Muchas gracias!!! *___*
      La verdad es que muchas veces dudo de la (in)utilidad de mi blog xDD
      Pero comentarios como estos son los que me animan a seguir con ello! :DD

  8. eating fish is as unethical as eating meat, cause there isn't much of it left and they can feel pain just as animals.

  9. Adoro tu blog <3 Eres tan tan mononosa <3 >.......< Ojalá algún día lleguemos a coincidir en algún evento :)
    Tanta dulzura junta <3


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