Nov 3, 2013

✲゚ Personal: Landscapes, my village and picspam ✲゚

Hace mucho que no actualizo, lo siento! Tengo mil cosas que contar pero ando escasas de ganas... Buh, creo que estoy un poco de bajón, o al menos vaga, perezosa.

No fui a ninguna fiesta de Halloween, tampoco he salido este puente. Lo único destacable que he hecho ha sido irme al pueblo, al campo, a hacer fotos y ya. Creo que tengo una relación amor-odio con el campo, me gusta pero no me gusta... Nunca hubiera pensado que haría una entrada como esta en el blog, pero creo que lo merece. Lo merece la entrada, las fotos, y la persona a la que está dedicada: hace ya 3 años.

Se sale completamente de la temática, pero espero que disfrutéis de las fotos y de la escena. Personalmente, estos paisajes secos y áridos me encantan.


Long time no write here, I'm sorry! I've a load of things that I want to tell and show you but lately, I haven't been with the mood...

I didn't do any special thing for this week. Unfortunately, I couldn't celebrate Halloween. Instead, I went to my father's village to visit some relatives. Where I live, it's typical visit your family and go to the cementery, put some flowers and clean the dirt built up after a year. When I was I child, I liked it. Now, it saddens me. So I took my camera and I went to take some pics. 

I really love this type of landscapes: isolated but still  beautiful. It reminds me of some kind of post-apocalyptic videogame, lolz




 photo 10_zps876baf04.jpg

This entry is really important to me cause the sentimental value...
It's quite different, but I hope you like the entry.

I'll bring you some good news soon. I promise!!
See you in the next!

Thanks for reading
and comment! 


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