Aug 26, 2014

🌟 Gifts from Japan 🌟 嬉しいよ!(*ˊᵕˋ*)♡

Hace un tiempecillo ya recibí unos regalicos desde Japón, pero como soy vaga y la pereza me puede, no había hecho fotos hasta ahora.

Cuando abrí la caja había muchísimas cosas, como de costumbre, y todo es tan fgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdf!!


Days ago I received some gifts from Japan but I've been too lazy lately because the holidays, sorry...
 But finally, I beat the sloth that lives inside of me! image

There was a lot of stuff of Monster Inc and matcha tea

Matcha Ore Japanese Edition, i love the maid one *___*

Matcha Sakusakupanda biscuits,  matcha and purin Chupachups, Matcha Pocky, 
Matcha Milky candies, Houji-cha powder, Matcha mini Oreo

Rilakkuma folder, a stamp with my name in japanese and a cute towel!

Disney point pads

Hello Kitty x Evangelion handbag, Hello Kitty x Evangelion watch, 
Super Mario Bros stickers and an Asuka folder

Detail of the Hello Kitty x Evangelion watch

Oyasumi Punpun's keitai from gashapon! 
I love this manga and I love the God of Poo XD

Hand fan with neko pattern and the last Egg issue (*crying*)

Thank you so much!

  Thanks for reading and comment! 


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