Jan 4, 2012

Happy New Year! + Kitty chocolate(人´∀`*) ♥

Feliz año nuevo a todos!
Happy New Year to everyone!

Como he estado con la rodilla mal, no hay fotos de Nochevieja, que iba en pantalones vaqueros y mis Vans, toda cómoda, lolz

Oh! Y ya tengo 130 seguidores! Ayyy, tengo que hacer un pequeño giveaway para celebrarlo, sí, sí, sí! Estad atentaaaas! 

Y para terminar, chan chan chaaaan! Os dejo foticos del turrón de chocolate de Kitty que me compró mi madre ayer! Ayyy, si es que son todo amor! (Chocolate y madre (>ω<*)ノ)

On New Year Eve I was with my hurt knees and I was with my favourite trousers and my Vans, so sorry because there isn't any pictures, haha

Oh! And thank so much for the 130 followers! I'm very happy, yeeeeah! And I've decided that I'll do some giveaway! Soon! So, attention to the following posts 

And finally, I want to show you some Kitty chocolate that my mum gave me yesterday. Aww, it's soooo sweet (both: mum and Kitty chocolate ~♥)

There are some nail stickers inside! (゚▽゚*)!

Byeee ~~

By: Kasui 。*☆


  1. Congrats on 130 followers! Hehehe. And the hello kitty chocolate is really cute! Looks yummy! Happy new year~

  2. congrats on you 130 followers ^^ !!
    omggg the hello kitty chocolate looks so cute! i bet it taste really good too :D so sweet of your mum to buy it for you :D

  3. Congratz on 130! Wow kitty chocolates so cute!

  4. Congrats on the followers ;)
    Hope you had a happy new year.
    And the kitty chocolate looks super cute ^^

  5. omg!!! turron de Hello kitty!!?? *¬* que buena pintaaaaa~~!! >.< waaa 130 seguidores ya! enorabuena!! estaré atenta para el giveaway!! :D

    Feliz año guapa!!! ^^

  6. felicidades por los 130 seguidores :) que cosa mas cuca de turron *-*
    Feliz 2012

  7. Happy new year!
    The Hello kitty chocolate looks too sweet, yummy! ●ω●

  8. feliz año!!ays pobrecita cómo te pusiste las rodillas :S
    *A* cómo mola el turrón!!!y tiene una pinta!

  9. asdasd que mono >_______<
    Feliz año guapa <3


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