Oct 5, 2012

About me: ♥ Q&A (II) ♥ - In english!

 About me: Q&A (II)

I've received some questions similar, so I've tried to not repeat them.

How can you keep your weight the same and still eat normal?
It depends on the person. In my case, I can eat just normal and do no exercise without getting fat.

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?  What's your diet and exercise like?
Height: 16X cm
Weight: 4X 
Fortunatly, I eat normal and do no exercise. I’m not on a special diet. I eat what I want: vegetables, fruit and fish… but also ice cream, gummies and licorice 

I actually could live eating this two ones without any problem  

Can you give me an example of what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Breakfast: 250 ml of goat milk, 2 toasts with strawberry marmalade and one or two pieces of fruit
Lunch: salad tomato with cucumber, 200 gr of rice, 200 gr of chicken breast, an apple, a peach… (as much fruit as you want )
Dinner: salad tomato with tuna, 200 gr of fish and as much fruit as you want (again ) 

Where did you bought that damaged yumetenbo pants (Black ones) ?
From Yumetenbo, obsly xd

Where did you bought that Liz Lisa Camisole?

May I ask you where you bought your necklace with handcuff?

That necklace is really nice! Even I've got it in two colors! 

How can you find all those really cute stuff?
Years of search and effort, haha! If you wanna know about something in concrete, just ask me 

Is being Gyaru difficult?
If being gyaru is difficult to you, then you must think about it through. Gyaru isn’t a awkward obligation 

Since what age you started being like an gyaru?
I don’t consider myself too gyaru... I’m a girl quite normal, haha. Nevertheless, if I had to set a date, it could be one or two years ago.

You have or ever had a boyfriend? Are you a virgin?
Yes, I had; and no, I’m Jesus. 

Thank you so much for your questions! 


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