Jan 4, 2013

☆ My Winter Shoes Collection! (●'◡ `●) ☆ ゜. * ·.

Nunca me he considerado una fanática de los zapatos.... Pero haciendo mi última limpieza, me he dado cuenta de que tengo bastantes pares. Y eso que son solo los zapatos y botas de invierno! ...
Así que se me ha ocurrido que os podría enseñar algunos, por lo menos los que suelo utilizar más. Eso sí, no aparecen mis adoradas Vans zombies (que un poco más, y pueden andar solas!). Las pobrecillas están para el arrastre, pero es que les tengo tanto cariñico!! 


I've never considered myself as a shoesaholic. But I've recently made a closet cleaning and I've realized that I've got quite pairs of winter shoes! So I thought that I could show you some of them! 
Mostly, I'll show you those ones which I usually wear. There are two pair of Vans sneakers also... oh my dear sneakers Vans! But they're reeeally old! I guess they could even speak, haha 

 Casual boots and sneakers 
Cheap Primark boots inspired by Ugg boots and black furry sneakers

I loooove these ones because they're so comfy and warm. The brand is Le Coq Sportif (obsly)

 Short boots 
Western short boots and black studded boots. Both unbrand.

I love the star detail! They're made by leather and the heel is approximately 5cm. 

I looove these ones! You can see how used they are, lolz
The heel is 10cm, but really, really easy to walk... even run! 

 Black heels 
Two pair of pumps and one of booties.

These have been bought recently at NewYorker. It cost 29,99€  but were only 7.95€ with the discount! Just a bargain! 
The heel is 14,5 cm and I can't tell you yet about how easy is walking with them.

These ones are quite old. They were bought at Zara. They're made by leather also, the heel is about 9cm and really comfy too! 

Unbrand. Bought in Italy some years ago. I don't like them very much. The heel is 9 cm without platform on toe. They look cheap and it's a bit difficult wearing them. But still cute! 

 Furry boots 
Fur, fur everywhere! 

Oh! My dearest furry boots!! They're my favourites by far! I bought them when I was in Finland, at a "kirppis" shop in Helsinki. Of course, I had to came back to Spain wearing them, because my suitcase was full to the brim! 

My last purchased! I love furry stuff, and when I saw them I couldn't hold out to get them, haha
I can walk with them during hours and it isn't hard at all! 
The heel is about 10 cm

What do you think? What do you prefer? What type of shoes do you prefer for winter? 


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