Jan 20, 2013

REVIEW (I): Tonymoly Seed Olive Cleanser! (∩^ω^)⊃━☆


Woah! My first review! I feel.. useful? haha
Long time ago I wanted to start making reviews about some products that I've been buying.

So let's star with...

Tonymoly "Clean Dew" Foam Cleansers

Clean Dew Olive Seed Cleansing Cream (reviewed)
  • This cleansing cream goes on smoothly like oil to remove dirt, make-up and has anti-aging properties.
  • Tissue-off Type
  • ContainsOlive Extract / 10-Seed Extract
  • Recommended: for people with dry skin and people who want a moisturizing cleanser.

Clean Dew Tea Tree Seed Cleansing Cream
  • Low-irritation cleansing cream with a light texture. Refreshing finish.
  • Tissue-off Type
  • Contains: Tea ree Extract / 10-Seed Extract
  • Recommended: for people with pimple-prone and oily skin
Clean Dew Lemon Seed Massage Cream
  • This massage/cleansing cream has a skin brightening effect.
  • Tissue off Type
  • ContainsLemon extract / 10-Seed extract
  • Recommended: for people with a acne-prone skin and dark somber tone

Price: 6,98$ (Ebay)

Capacity: 150 ml

+ Smells good! 
+ Just a small amount is needed for all face
+ And the package is outsize! 
+ The tube is soft so is really easy controling the amount
+ Mild, no aggresive
+ Removes all makeup, even BBcream and little remains of mascara 
+ It's not greasy at all
+ Easy to wipe off
+ Moisturized effect after clean it 

- It has paraben... 
- Expire 12 months after opened and it's almost full yet! (Is it a con?)
- Not work so much for acne and pimples troubles

Do I recommend
Ofc!! If you have a dry and reactive skin, this product works so good! 
Otherwise, if I had a oily skin, I would try the other cleanser withouth dude!

Will I repurchase?
I'd do it. But first, I'd like try other products 

It's really soft cleanser, easy to lather up and wipe off. Smell very good and it works: moisturizing and clean all remains of makeup. I've got a really dry and reactive skin; I've eczema, and this product is one of the few ones which my rare skin tolerates!! 

Rating: ★★★★

I hope it helps to you!! Please, ask me if you've got any question ~



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