May 22, 2013

☆* Fashion blogger event: Aragonia VIP DAY (✿╹◡╹)ノ☆

El pasado jueves, día 16 pude asistir al VIP Day en el centro comercial Aragonia de Zaragoza.

Una primera parte estuvo dirigida para bloggers: recepción, pack de bienvenida, fotos, mesa redonda a cargo de un especialista de MANGO y presentación de productos en exclusiva de Sephora y L'Occitane. La segunda parte, para un público más en general, contó con desfile, cóctel, puestecillos de diferentes marcas, sorteo..
Ne y Yummy se animaron a venir también y fue una tarde muy agradable! Gracias!!


On Thursday, 16th, I could enjoy a special blogger and fashion meeting organized here in my town, Zaragoza: The VIP Day .
It was divided on two parts: the first one was focused on special bloggers invited to event. There were aperture, photocall, roundtable about the new "in" of spring-summer time from the hand of a fashion specialist of MANGO, show and release of some products by Sephora and L'Occitane...  Later, the second part was public and focused on fashion in general. There were clothes, fashion stands and stuff, coctel, raffle and finally, a fashion show.
Ne and Yummy went too! Really, it was a evening really nice evening! Thank you girls!

 The invitation

Yep, my real name is "Alba" XD

With some welcome gifts!

Signing? Lolz

Detail of the gifts:
(Pics taken later at home)

Now, photos of the sencond part: public event ~
チョコレート ~


 Several brands were showed: MANGO, Adidas, Adolfo Dominguez...


And some pics of the clothes I was wearing that day ~
The code. Very informal, isn't it?

NOTE: Later I'll upload more pics, so come back then!

Thanks for reading
and comment! 


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