Dec 9, 2013

✽・゚☆ DISNEYLAND PARIS at Christmas! (I) ☆・゚✽

 I'm back!! 

Lo siento por no haber dado señales de vida antes, volví el jueves por la noche peeero, nada más llegar me puse malilla, con migrañas y desgana -¿será la resaca pos-Disneyland?-. Así que estos días he estado metida en la cama, recluida en mi habitación... Jo.

Pero por fin, hoy me he levantado con energías y he comenzado a editar fotos para hacer una entrada como se merece! Sí, sí, sí!

Y es que... tengo muchísimas fotos! Cientos!! Pero no os asusteis que solo os voy a enseñar lo mejorcico de lo mejorcico, ohohoho

He pensado en hacerlo en dos partes, para así al menos, añadir pies de fotos explicativos.

Comenzamos la primera ronda de fotos de mi viaje a Disneyland Paris!


Sorry for not updating! I came home the Thrusday's night but, after that with no reason I got sick. I've been having migraines and sickness -would it a kind of Post-Disneyland Syndrome? lol-.

But today, I woke up full of energy and started to edit all the tons of pics taken during my trip. Srly, there are too many pictures here and I've decided to sift and upload a few divided in two entries.

So... Today, here you are the first part of my trip to Disneyland Paris! image

 1st part

"Serves as the main entrance boulevard into the park and is themed after early-20th-century small-town America complete with a train station and Victorian architecture. The street terminates at the central hub of the park with Sleeping Beauty Castle."

This is the front door of the Disneyland Park. 
The pale building is the 5 stars "Hotel Disneyland", the main hotel! 

Just inside, tons of Christmas lights and decorations welcome you! 

There was a huge Christmas tree in the center of the Main Square 

More Christmas decoration 

There were two covered walkway on both sides of the main street... Too lovely! 


Inside the shops...


Customize your own Mr. Potato! 

All the showcases were really beautiful! 

A bakery shop...

Obsly with delicious pastries, donuts, muffins and moarrr!! 

The Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station. This train goes around all the park 

At the end of Main Street you can see... The most famous building: The Castle of Sleeping Beauty! 

But wait! There's more!! Before going there and only if you're lucky, 
you can also enjoy the Christmas Parade goes accross Main Street 

And unexpectedly, it started to snow... faux snow, lol 
Frooozen ~ 

For the next entry... The rest of the other lands: 
Frontierland, Discoveryland, Adventureland and Fantasyland! 

See you soon!! image
Thanks for reading 
and comment! Kasui

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