Dec 25, 2013

✽・゚☆ DISNEYLAND PARIS at Christmas! (II) + MERRY CHRISTMAS! ☆・゚✽

First of all...


Mira que tener esta entrada pendiente y publicarla en Navidad, tiene delito! X'D

En fin, estoy de vacaciones desde el viernes pero tengo mil y un trabajos que hacer y exámenes que estudiar, así que hay excusa por no escribir, sorry! 

Estas son las fotillos que me dejé de publicar en la primera parte sobre mi viaje a Disneyland Paris.
También tengo del otro parque, Disney Studios, aunque no se si ya es demasiado tarde... ¿Os gustaría verlas? 

Espero que os gusten! 

I've been no posting here for such a long time and suddenly, the Christmas Day a freakish desire to post here has appeared, lol 

This was a draft since the previous post: the first part of my trip to Disneyland Paris

So, for today, the second part! I'll show you the rest of pics taken there! I've got also pics of The Walt Disney Studios but I think it's quite late for that... Anyway, would you like see them? 

I hope you like these!! 


2nd part: THE LANDS

"Sleeping Beauty Castle serves as the main entrance to this land themed after a storybook village taking many architectural traits from various European villages."

This was my favourite land by far. It was the oldest so you can see the true essence of Disney tales

I loved the Alice's Labyrinth

I could met Miki! Miki is a lovely spanish-japanese girl who works in Disneyland. 
I've been reading her blog for long and finally, I met her 

Inside of "Au Chalet de la Marionnette"

This carrousel was so, soooo beautiful!!

"Adventureland is themed to recreate the feel of exotic locales of places such as the Caribbean, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia. Lush landscaping is abundant throughout the land to give visitors the impression of being in a remote jungle."


On the background you can see a the top of The Big Thunder Mountain, a rollercoaster

This reminded me of the Lilo's house! 

This moment was so funny. Suddenly, my mom said me a bear was chasing me 
When I turned around, a bear pounced on my boots, stroking them 

"Discoveryland is themed after the visions of famed European thinkers and explorers such as Leonardo da Vinci, HG Wells, or Jules Verne."

Another restaurant...

I loved this roller coaster! "Space Mountain: Mission 2"

An X-Wing turned into a... 



"Themed after a mining town of the American Old West from the 19th-century. Features include desert and wilderness landscaping, large rock formations, a river, and frontier architecture."

There were lots of cute ducks at any lake of the park!! Like that

A restaurant, obsly

Was it too much picspam? lolz
I hope you've enjoyed this second part as well!
Thanks for reading 
and comments! Kasui

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