Jan 12, 2014

✧♥ What was I doing?: Christmas presents, outfit and more (PICSPAM) ♥✧

Estoy viiiiva ~ 

¿Y qué es estado haciendo todos estos días? Pues básicamente, poco, poco...
Me fui a Madrid del 26-29 de Diciembre, de vacacioneo un poquillo, y a la vuelta pues poco más. Salir alguna noche, un café por aquí, compras por allá... 
Trabajos y más trabajos atacándome por todos los flancos! 
Y ahora... Exámenes! 

Pero a pesar de ello, mis Navidades han sido bastante relajadillas y con muchísimos regalos! (Yo que no me esperaba nada o casi nada... *lloro* )

Todo comenzó cuando el 23 de diciembre me llegó un paquete desde Japón...


I'm still aliveee ~ 

What I was doing these holidays? Well... Not much. I mean, I had a trip to Madrid from 26 to 29th of December but after that, I didn't so much. I went out some nights, went to shopping, met with friends... And trying to study. I've lot of work and things to study for my approaching exams. Aww, and I'm so lazyyy ~ 

My Christmas were quite relaxing and brought lot of presents!! Srly, I wasn't expecting so much for this year... But there was! 

Everything began on 23th of December, when the postman knocked on the door with a huge package from Japan! 

Santa came forward!! 

Too... much... 

Santa knows me well and added the latest issues of Egg mag! 

Este año tanto para Nochebuena como para Nochevieja no lo celebramos mucho. Fue una cena normalilla, excepto para mi abuela que se empeñó en comprar langostinos (esto para ella es "must" de "must"es XD)


Here in Spain, the most important events at Christmas season are the Christmas Eve's and New Year's Eve's dinners
We had dinner only my mum, bro and grandma as usually... 
Our celebration was quite modest this year but perfect to me! 

Y para Reyes... Roscóoooon!!!! 

This is... The mooost delicious thing that you can eat! 

En mi casa más que Papá Noel siempre hemos sido de Reyes -vivir con tu abuela es lo que tiene XD- así que mis regalos tardaron un poquillo más... Pero lo bueno se hace esperar! 


You know? The gift-giving day in Spain is the night of 6th of Januay. It's a custome known as "Reyes Magos". My family usually celebrate the spanish way -due to my gandma, lol-, so I was given that day, not on 25th:

From my grandma 
They're a pair of eaten apples! So cuteeee!! 

More ausome tees for my collection!! 
I love Threadless, srly, I wish I could buy all those amazing apparel!! 

All these was from my mum 

From my brother 
(Yes, it's a Batman piggy bank XD)

From... a friend (¿?)  


And some news...

 1. I dyed my hair: hard pink (no reddish D:)
 2. My expansion piercing is getting bigger!: 18mm :'D

And to end this entry, selfies!
Ok, I don’t consider myself as a gamer but wth, 
I love Minecraft and I love this tee 

I love this dress. It's from H&M and it was sooo cheap! 
Do you like long dresses? 

I found -one more time- my blonde hair extensions! 

 A wild moe-moe-kyun radiator has appeared!! 

With Ne 
(Before Jägermeister :D)

With Ne&Co  
(after Jägermeister :'''___D )


Of course...

Happy New Year for everyone!!!!

I wish you a great year!!
Good luck and be happyyyy ~  

Thank you so much for your support during 2013... 
I'll do my best for this new year! I promise!!

http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m54qyvEsEs1qid2nw.gif Kasui http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m54qz1yXTA1qid2nw.gif

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