Sep 14, 2013

♥ Sweets in Japan: PA-RA-DI-SE ♥( ;∀;)♥

Hoy traigo... mi colección de fotos a cosillas dulces! 
(Hay más, pero esta es la selección "premium" XD)

Espero que os gusten!! 


For today... I want to show you some pics of my personal sweet photo collections!

I hope you enjoy it ~



Perry's Cookies
-With choco chips or vanilla flavour-

Monsters Inc bun
-one half of melon jelly and other half of blueberry jam-

-We made them many mornings-

Mochitto Roll Cake
-It was already cut in little pieces. Milk flavour-

Shu Cream (japanese cream puff)
-I loved, loved, looooved!!! And they were huge!-

Japanese cakes!
-Keeki wa da-iii-su-kiiiiii ~~ -


Mint-choco ice cream
-Perfect dessert watching Totoro-

Ichigo Au Lait + Ichigo Takenoko No Sato
- I don't know why, but strawberry flavour is completely different in Japan, definitely!-

First Kitchen Kakigori + Soft Ice Cream
-this was a "daily must" cause the heat-

Take-as-you-want ice cream shops
-I always put just a little bit ice cream and a loooot of toppings! LOL-
This was at Namba, Osaka
Koara no machi

Japanese crepe!
-Unique: crepe, fruit, ice cream, cake, cottage... All in one!-
 photo crepe_zps377c1efc.jpg
At a creperie in Umeda, Osaka

Animal Donuts!!!
-at last I could find them-
This shop was in Kyoto

Obsly, the frog was my choice

Matcha Ice Cream
Matcha milkshake with matcha ice cream and small dango balls-
At a cafe in Ikspiari, Tokyo

Matcha custard
- with azumi paste, dango ball, cream, chocolate and matcha powder-
At a restaurant in OIOI Kyoto Marui

Chocolate Cornet
-Plus octopus! This was the cutest cornet that I've seen, isn't it?-
There was looot of chocolate inside! 

Va, va... y ahora... toca el turno de elegir:

¿Qué es lo que más os gustaría probar?


What more you want to eat?

Thanks for reading
and comment! 


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