Sep 19, 2013

What to do in Japan? (From my own experience) (๑・ิ◡・ิ๑)✨

Va, última entrada sobre Japón antes de retomar las actualizaciones del día a día del blog.
Esta vez toca... ideas de qué hacer en Japón! 


This is the last entry about my travel to Japan because I want to get back to the "normal" entries.
For today, I'll show you some random stuff that you can do in Japan.
Obsly, from my point -and pointless- view 

Soak up the culture

 photo cosplay_zpsff72856e.jpg

Meet Gendo Ikari at Comiket
-where I got a doujinshi about him, LOVE-
 photo gendooo_zps4c4e2ac8.jpg

Meet EVA O1
 photo eva_zps5f2b24a1.jpg

Do... Something
 photo perrete_zps5e39c0d6.jpg

Send lovely fan-tweets to Serikamacho 
-as a proud stalker fan I am-

On her favourite gummies too...
 photo DSC_00211_zpsc9bc7f03.jpg

Eat crepes
 photo DSC_0019_zps91827441.jpg

Eat sushi
 photo DSC_0226_zpsbe6904bc.jpg
 photo gaoooo1_zpse8b90e4e.jpg

Eat kakigori

Eat kappas

Me gusta hacer el tonto, qué se le va a hacer! 
Espero que os haya gustado, y nos vemos en la siguiente entrada ~  


Always fooling, but this was just a joke 
Obsly, I did lot of things, saw lot of places and loved all my experience there 
I hope you liked the! See you in the next one! 

Thanks for reading
and comment! 


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