Sep 12, 2012

Tagged + Daily Gyaru + Gyaru Sales + Ramimin ☆゜:。


Ya iba siendo hora de actualizar! Bueno, pero hoy toca entrada más o menos informativa!
Lo primero de todo: un pequeño tag que me mando Yuku que acabo de hacer, tal y como le prometí. 
Sorry, está solo en inglés... así que para cualquier duda o algo que no entendáis, prguntad sin miedo que responderé encantada en los comentarios! 

Time to posting! And for today, there's a entry about some news 
Although first of all, I've made a tag game from Yuku, who tagged me a few days ago.

#1 Write who tagged you and link the person.
#2 Write 8 facts about yourself regarding the chosen topic.
#3 Tag 10 8 other people.
#4 Chose a new theme for the tagged blogger.
#5 Let them know that you tagged them.

Topic #1 (Dai): CHILDHOOD
 I was allergic to tomato and chocolate... 
 My everyday hairstyle was two looong brown braiding tails
 I liked playing with the hair of my dad, putting curlers and hairpins. (I think he had too much patience, lolz)
 I loved reading books about fairies, magic and witches     
 I was 7 when I saw Evangelion at first time 
 I did roller skating and basketball, but also ballet.
 I really wanted a Furby, but my parents never gave me it.
 I didn’t know conjugate verbs in Spanish until 6 years old 

Topic #2 (MinYoung): FUTURE 
 I should go to bed in a few minutes…
 Nothing is forever
 Nobody is forever
 I’m afraid of losing important persons…
 I don’t like thinking of future.
 I have no idea what I’ll be.
 Well... I could be a frog. Where should I study to become one?
 Carpe diem.

Topic #3 (Yuku): SEASONS
 My favourite season is summer: hot&sunny!! 
 Although in summer there are bees! 
 I hate cold, so I don’t like winter so much…
 Although I love Christmas! 
 Autumn is nice because there are mushrooms, berrys and pomegranates 
 Although it’s so windy here! 
 My birthday is in spring 
 Spring is too windy also... 

TAG TO: Akemi, Hito, Aki, Ne, Mei, Norii, Anais, Miu.
NEW THEME: "Hobbies"

Qué más, qué más?...
Ah, sí! Hace un tiempecillo, Sazh contactó conmigo para preguntarme si le quería apoyar en una nueva comunidad gyaru que estaba creando: Daily Gyaru! 

What else?...
Well, a few time ago, Sazh contact me to invite me to take part in the new gyaru community. As Everyday Gyaru was dead, he thought that it could be nice opening a new one: Daily Gyaru! 
  Daily Gyaru!  

Y hace unos días me puse a hacer limpieza de armario... y me he dado cuenta del montonazo de ropa que tengo, y no llevo...
Así que os invito a echar un vistacillo en el post que he puesto en Gyaru Sales! 

A few days ago I was cleaning my closet and I realized that I've got a lot of clothes I don't use.
So I've post in Gyaru Sales an entry with some of them. Take a look! 

  Closet clearing sale!  



Ramimin está embarazada? Ay madre! Pero si acaba de cumplir 16 años, donde me va esta mujeeer!! 

Is Ramimin pregnant? wtf? She's only 16!! Why Ramimin... why?   ~
But she will be beauty always! 
I hope her pregnancy is going well! 



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