Mar 25, 2013

★ How I remember Finland .❤(*´︶`*)❤. (Caution: PICSPAM) ★

Mirad lo que encontré este fin de semana haciendo limpieza por mi cuarto...


Look at this! I found it while I was cleaning up my room the last weekend...
 Minä olen Alba, minä olen spanjalainen... minä EN ole suomalainen! XD

Es mi libro de finlandés!! O más bien era... Algunos ya sabréis que hace un par de año estuve 3 mesecillos estudiando y viviendo en Finlandia... ¡Qué recuerdoooos! 
Jo, lo hecho muchísimo de menos... image

Es raro... Era como una relación "amor-odio" hacia al país. Por un lado, soy una persona a la que no le gusta nada el frío, ni la oscuridad. Mal país para vivir pensaréis  Además, la gente era muy cerrada, el idioma rarísimo e imposible de aprender y la comida se puede resumir fácilmente en: "patatas"... Pero me enamoré del país. En serio, tanto bosque, lago, ardilla... Y aunque la comida no me gustaba, los postres eran riquísimos!! Y los regalices y las manzanas... Ay, los regalices y las manzanas!! Las personas tal vez fueran cerradas, pero las poquitas que pude conocer fueron muy, muy buenas conmigo. Y todo estaba decorado por un ambiente relajado, suave, natural; una fina capa de "magia nórdica" 

Jo, quiero volver. Quiero montarme otra vez en mi bicicleta, forrada hasta arriba de capas de ropa, abrigo, guantes, gorro y bufanda, y pedalear, explorar, perderme, con una bolsa de regalices y marshmallows de mil sabores colgando del manillar,en los interminables caminos de los verdísimos bosques de pinos.


It's the book that I used when I tried to learn finnish! Finding this has made me thinking about tell you some of my adventure in Finland. A few years ago I was living there during three months, going to a school... Aww, so beautiful memories! I miss it. image 

Daily life was a little bit strange. For me, it was some similar to love-hate feeling. In one hand, I usually hate cold and darkness places. In addition, I'm quite hesitant at first contact, so this don't work at all with most of finnish person, who are "usually" shy and timid. The language is also really freak for me... Very, very difficult! I  barely learned some knowledge about it. And the food what I ate could almost boiled up to "potatoes" (Perunat, perunat everwhere!)... But, in the other hand, I loved Finland. I really fallen in love with that country. Although the tasteless food, the desserts were extremely delicious! And the licorices and apples... oh! Lakritsi! Omena!! (*light in my eyes*)... As I said, finnish people are usually quite shy, nevertheless, those who I met was so kind with me. Truly, I was very lucky for meet their. I remember those days with all my love. It's hard to explain... I live in Spain, in a very dry place, and my town is in the middle of a desert. So for me, the country that I saw was like a fairytale: ginger cookies, small snowflakes falling in the darkness, peaceful landscapes, endless forests... image

I'd like to return. I want to ride my bike again, wearing layers of clothes, wrapped up warm with gloves, scarf and bonnet, pedaling, exploring, getting lost myself, with a little sack filled of licorice and marshmallows hanging from the handlebar, on the long paths across the pine tree forest.image

Siento la calidad de las fotos, pero por aquel entonces no entraba en mis planes tener una cámara mejor.
Espero que os haya gustado la entrada y podáis haberos hecho una idea aproximada de cómo recuerdo aquellos meses... 

Y sí, la de las fotos es una Kasui mucho más jovencilla, con menos kilos de maquillaje y cara de dormida en la mayoría de las fotos! 


Although the bad quality of the pics, I hope you liked the entry. I wish I have been able to instill you into my feelings ~ 

Yep, I am that young girl who appears in the pics: Just a lot less makeup and a still sleepy face, haha



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  1. Aw, even if you're talking about a cold country you warmed me up! I can feel how much you loved your stay. You make me miss England, which is the only country I visited, but where my heart belongs to<3<3
    Thank you for this post sweetie!


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